A lot has happened to me…

A lot has happened to me during the past 3 years. My husband, the love of my life, died of cancer. I became a full time farmer and winery owner without my partner to help me. I was lucky to have a team who helped me get through the past 3 years. I couldn’t have done it without them. Then about 6 months ago I sold the winery and the vineyards. So now I am without a job. I bought a house “in town” and found that I like having neighbors besides the wildlife of Diamond Mountain. I’m on the edge of town so I still hear coyotes in the vineyard next door late at night and every morning a pair of fun loving ravens wakes me up. I haven’t been cooking much for the past 3 years but I’m starting to cook for little dinner parties again. And, I am starting to blog again. It’s just for myself as I don’t think anyone follows me anymore. I don’t have anything to sell (not even wine!) I want to share recipes that I have fun making. So here it goes…

CHOCOLATE POUFFLE’ (I am not sure whether to call it a souffle’ or a pudding so it’s a hybrid)

1 1/2 cups Nutella

3 bananas

3 tbs bittersweet cocoa

1 1/2 tsp ground espresso

3 eggs

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

  1. Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.
  2. Line the bottom of a 7 X 11 baking dish.
  3. Pour the mixture into the dish and bake @ 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
  4. I am an almond lover so I usually sprinkle some slivered or sliced almonds on top of the batter before I put it into the oven.

Great with whipped cream on top.

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8 Responses to A lot has happened to me…

  1. TasteFood says:

    Hi Mary – so nice to hear from you! You have indeed been through a lot xx
    We may be neighbors soon 🙂

  2. lizthechef says:

    Wow, this makes my day – your husband would be so proud of all the work you did before selling the winery. I’m happy to think of you back in town with real neighbors. Do you still have the dogs and your kitty? You inspire me – I might just try to blog a bit again. xo

  3. Barbara (drbabs) says:

    Hi Mary. I’m so sad for you that you’ve had to go through this. My husband may have work in Napa in May and I’m thinking of going with him– I haven’t been in more than 30 years! Maybe we can meet? Sending hugs.

  4. Not “back in town” but first time in town! Dogs are with me but Lolita decided that she was a country cat and cars would be too dangerous. I am not sure why I decided to blog again. I loved your blog and hope you start again. I haven’t been reading anyone’s for quite a while.

  5. iblyn1 says:

    Hugs to an old friend.. I wish you well on your new life journey…Knowing you, you will succeed in anything to do.. Blessings my friend…Again, I am very sorry for your loss….But Freddy is looking down on you and smiling…Your heart is full of wonderful memories….

  6. It’s so wonderful to see you here again! You’ve been through so many changes over the past 3 years, and you’ve met them with grace. I wish you all the best as you launch this new chapter of your life!

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