n1020932595_342711_7126We are celebrating the induction of our 1890’s farmhouse, Monte Vista, and our vineyard, Diamond Mountain Vineyard into The National Register of Historic Places (as well as the State Registry).Freddy and I lived in the little redwood framed Victorian farmhouse for over 8 years; before Howard Backen designed our stone house up at The Peak (featured in June, 2005, Architectual Digest). I cooked many winery lunches and dinners in the itty bitty kitchen of that house.Now,I enjoy a much more modern kitchen but have learned that simplicity is the best definition of function.
Back to food…I have been working on this recipe for what seems like ages.I’ve wanted a gnocchi that wasn’t bland, looked great, and could be made and frozen for when I needed to pull out a pleaser for a large/small dinner party.It’s got a lot going on, flavorwise, with ricotta, onion, garlic and cheese and nutmeg.


makes 6 dozen

1 pound ricotta
4 pounds swiss chard
1/2 cup yellow onion, grated on a box grater
3 cloves garlic, smashed and finely minced
4 ounces butter
1/2 cup all purpose flour
4 large egg yolks
1 whole large egg
1/2 cup finely grated parmesan cheese
about 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/ teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1. Put ricotta in cheesecloth over colander to drain.
2. Trim the center core and stems of each chard leaf. Steam the chard, squeeze out as much liquid as possible, and chop in a food processor.(It’s a lot of chard, so you may have to do it in batches)
3. In a large bowl mix the chard, ricotta, melted butter, flour,garlic, egg yolks and whole egg, parmesan and nutmeg, salt and pepper.
4. Shape the mixture into small balls and roll around in flour to coat. (use a tablespoon to scoop up the mix).
5. If you are only going to cook about a dozen at a time, melt 4 ounces of butter , add fresh sage leaves and gently saute the gnocchi in the butter until just starting to brown.
6. Serve the gnocchi with a little of the butter sauce and sage leaves and sprinkle with more parmesan.

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  1. TasteFood says:

    This sounds like a wonderful recipe. Congratulations on the induction – your farmhouse is a jewel!

  2. Lizthechef says:

    Congratulations – we enjoyed our stay in your farmhouse summer before last…

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