Liz the chef

One of my favorite blogs is LIZTHECHEF, who shares her cherished memories of her mother, grandmother, aunt,and other family members(like her husband, Larry). I go to her blog to recapture the nostalgia of my own family, as well as inspiration from her wonderful recipes, like Scotish Toffee and many others.

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3 Responses to Liz the chef

  1. I love Liz’s blog! I just made her Persimmon Pudding Bread AGAIN and this time I substituted Plaintain…can’t wait to eat some more of it! Her recipes are spot on, easy to duplicate and delicious!

  2. lizthechef says:

    What a surprise – thank you so much! The tweet didn’t have @LiztheChef so I missed it… Merry Christmas to you and Fred. X0 Liz

  3. I love Liz’s blog too! How nice to profile her here!! One of my all-time favorites is her spinach gratin, perfect comfort food this time of year. Happy holidays to you and Fred!!

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